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Gavdos is the most suitable place to relax and feel the harmony of nature! Around the island there are ten beaches and three villages which you could visit during your stay by car or hike on the beautiful mapped paths surrounded by stunning scenery for a more immersive exploration. You can find more information below about some of them.

Trypiti beach

Right close to our rooms on Korfos beach, there is a path of 3.5 km that leads you to the southernmost point of Gavdos, Greece and Europe. The path passes through pine-covered areas and while hiking you get a breathtaking panoramic view of the South Cretan sea. On the right part of the shore stands the magnificent trademark ”Camarelles”, three huge cave-like arches formed by nature. Above them you can encounter the renowned wooden ‘chair’  where you can sit, relax and gaze at the vast Libyan sea.

Potamos beach

With fantastic crystal-clear waters, fine golden sand and abundant in cedar trees, Potamos is one of the most scenic beaches of the island formed at the exit of a small canyon with unique clay geological formations. If you choose it for a day out, do not miss out on the opportunity to spot the rare fossils on the rocks and have a rejuvenating “mud” therapy with clay. To reach Potamos you have to follow a quite demanding yet wonderful 3km path which starts in Ambelos, the settlement where the lighthouse of the island is also located.

The Lighthouse of the south

On the western coast of the island, a few meters south of the village of Ambelos, the lighthouse is definitely a must-see. Built in 1880 at an altitude of 368m, it was visible at a distance of 42 miles. After being bombed by the Germans in 1942, it was renovated and remains in excellent condition today, being one of the most beautiful lighthouses of Crete but also of Greece in general. The place will certainly reward you with the most astounding sunset view while inside the building, visitors can enjoy a small exhibition about other lighthouses of the country and their history.

Pirgos beach

In Pyrgos there are essentially two sandy beaches separated from each other by some rocks and the place is protected by steep earthen cliffs. You can come to Pyrgos hiking from Ampelos or coast to coast from Lavrakas beach. Your first dive in the crystal clear waters of Pyrgos with the wild landscape around, will be unforgettable. Don’t forget to bring some water, food and sun shade with you.


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